Should there be a war on drugs?

Should there be a war on Doctors?

Should there be a war on the pharmaceutical industry?

From the outside, many people have eliminated the many shades of gray which leads to a black and white discussion; A black and white discussion evolves into two sides. I have learned that there is no such circumstance or situation that simply has two sides to a story; there are multiple angles to a story that gives everyone a different view or scenery to the situation. This doesn’t just stand for newsworthy clips but politics, religion, and for the everyday relationships, we all have with other people as well. The question is, how do you show the multiple angles to a story that our news stations fail to expose? My answer is to interview as many people as possible that have been exposed to the story being covered. I have personally been contaminated by this epidemic and know many people that are currently deep in the struggle and others that have found a way out. Stay tuned for the progression of an intoxicating story that everyone should hear.

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