The Institute of Medicine, funded by population control globalists, top shelf pharmaceutical companies, and the Department of Homeland Security plays a criminal role in public health. Medical journals, corrupted by drug enterprises that manufacture mandatory poison (better known as vaccines) are overflowing with discretionary medical funding. Autism, depression, anxiety and mental illness continues to breed dysfunction at alarming rates. Corporate mass media successfully distracts the sheeple of society while infection spreads amongst the herd.

Anyone with even a hint of human intelligence knows that the conventional medical industry is not a good source of information for determining the dangers of the products manufactured and sold by the conventional medical industry! Only a fool — or a mainstream media journalist — would even believe such a thing.”(Adams)

Compelling advertisements regarding the wonders of prescription drugs continuously saturate the multiple televisions that are in nearly every American household. Mind control works in many fashions. We are controlled, distracted and literally poisoned at all angles. As long as mainstream media news consumes us, the greater picture of our existence is not in focus. We are pawns in a genetically modified society of population control that insists on desecrating our air, water, food, and medicine.


“Talk to your doctor to see if this medication can save your life”

The politically popular “War on Drugs” gives business to dealers and budgets to police officials. Questions of the public remain; if, how and why politicians may be objectively looking at herbal remedies, such as Marijuana.

-Is this criminalized herb as dangerous as Richard Nixon stated in 1971?

-Where does the medical value of marijuana stand?

-Why are we fed mainstream commercials of alcohol and pharmaceuticals that are statistically proven to be more dangerous than this “Scheduled 1” naturally grown plant?

-Is the demonization of a naturally grown plant an extension of the demonization of Mexican immigrants?

-Is Big Pharma an uncomfortable truth for an effective illness business plan?

-Is this a Libertarian pressing of a “tax and regulate” situation?


Our secular society instilled that marijuana would incite violent behavior, drug abuse, sex crimes, animosity, and vicious mental illness. In 1931, our government determined that criminal activity links to smoking marijuana “primarily committed by ‘racially inferior’ or underclass communities.” In 1932, our federal government encouraged the adoption of the Uniform State Narcotics Act. By 1936, a film was produced and dedicated to an impressional generation, especially teenagers, “Reefer Madness.”




Investigating the need to heal negative stress and not just put a band-aid on conditions that have been force fed down your throat are imperative. Sensitivity comes into play. R. Scarlet Fairhand insists, “In many cases, addictive-behavior-prone people are creative, sensitive, artistic, and intellectual, experiencing negative stressors more intensely. Our bodies are torn in a variety of ways, and if we are not healed, the vicious cycle continues even before a destructive pharmaceutical presents itself to the equation.” Fairhand goes on describing the unfortunate, “Band-aids are just covered up with more band-aids by the medical industry rather than treatments that may help stress relief and support the immune system.” It really is a sad, family affair that first needs to be recognized before anything can be overturned.

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“Marijuana is the most nontoxic medicine I have ever come across.”

-Dr. Lester Grinspoon


“Individual cases which beg for change are consistent with the macroeconomic reality that the United States has the highest health care costs and worst outcomes in this developed world.”



“Empathy is all it really takes to open up the avenues of outrage and realize how appalling this is.”

-Howard Bloom


Prescription drugs are fueling a nationwide epidemic; a mass of disinformation that paralyzes the minds of those already crippled by social propaganda debaucheries. Is there a moral middle ground when it comes to drug abuse? Are we failing to educate our youth by categorizing marijuana with meth-amphetamines with a “Just Say No” slogan? Does an intentional, money marketing scheme come into play with desensitizing our culture for “the greater good”? How are pharmaceuticals that bring alarming rates to the death toll televised but a 1937 tax stamp required for hemp is out-lawed?

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“The Drug War”

“Population Control”

“Deterioration in Infrastructures of Society”

Call it what you will, the prohibition of marijuana allows monopolies and the elite to flourish. The pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar business if severe side effects didn’t keep them coming back for more.


 “There is a war going on with the food we eat, with the air we breathe, with the religion we believe, with the medicine we consume, with the education we are taught, with the media we tune into, and with the diplomacy, in which we follow. We are distracted, brainwashed, poisoned, and controlled at every angle. Turn off your television.” ~ ShadowSelf


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