It’s difficult to hold on to the feeling that one is “Incompatible” while they’re moving “All Around the World” as it was “Musical Chairs”, firmly believing in his infamous adage, “Life couldn’t get better, its gonna be the best day ever.” As enjoyable and pleasantly boisterous the K.I.D.S mixtape was, the world watched Malcolm McCormick, aka, Mac Miller blossom from Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza to a multi-talented musician of numerous instruments and a freestyling chieftain of Pittsburgh, his hometown.

Known for his skillful rhymes, smoking massive amounts of marijuana and internet success, Complex magazine labels Miller “The Steel City’s rap poster boy.” With videos on the verge of 200 million views on YouTube and selling well over a million singles through the internet with no radio play, Mac has become the internet phenomenon achieving what no other has.

Watching Movies with the Sound Off  is Mac’s second studio album release following Blue Slide Park.  Musically, the album experiments with a roller-coaster ride of melancholic trance; a seed that would result from a beautiful, yet disturbing fornication of his mixtapes Macadelic and You. Lyrically, both sides of the artist’s mental spectrum are covered, differentiating from previous works.

“The Star Room” is a conceptual shift from previous introductions to his albums setting the psychedelic vibe off with his pseudonym, Delusional Thomas. The song really goes off the deep end with self-sabotaging lyrics regarding fame and battling personal demons.

Making sure my mom and dad are still somewhat in love
All these backfires of my experiments with drugs
And I experience the touch of my epiphany in color form
The difference between love and war inform me I’m above the norm”

Love, despair, drug abuse, and spiritual searching smother his lyrics with intoxicating frustration throughout the album. Many loyal fans proclaim that Miller is lost in a tornado of self-destruction. While some old fans wish for the “Easy Mac with the Cheesy raps” to come back.

Miller is currently grabbing the attention of a psychedelic cult. Eager for an alternative revolution to the “Hip Hop” genre and the direction it was unpleasantly on track with. The album shies away from his best days ever and parties that may be occurring on Fifth Ave. His older content is replaced with questioning God, fame, religion and personal battles.

“I Am Who Am” one of the highlights of the album, featuring Niki Randa is a schizophrenic twist of an Exodus biblical passage regarding a discussion between God and Moses.

“Initial symptoms of schizophrenic behavior
The mind is like religion, can’t agree on who’s its savior”

“Forfeiting the war, he lays his sword down and walks away
Grabs a 40 from the corner store and begins to contemplate
Dealing with death like he worked in the morgue absorbing the souls
Forgotten, he lost his way
Starring down that barrel, thinking not today”


“REMember” touches on the death of Reuben Mitanni,  who was a close friend of Miller.”

“Ingenuity influenced by your eulogy
Going through memories
Like they were movies scenes”

One of the most memorable lines in the song,

You had a girl, I kinda wish you knocked her up, so I could meet your son and talk you up” will give you chills and instantly remembered after first listen.


“Someone Like You” is an artistic evolution blossoming from songs like “Lucky Ass Bitch” and “The Mourning After”off the Macadelic mixtape.

“Love me, love me, that Fentanyl it numb me
Beautiful to get ugly turn you into a junkie
Still searching for something but I don’t know what
Dreaming about nothing wake you up and then fuck”


“Objects In The Mirror”, a metaphorical shadow and reflection of  personal dependencies is an unforgettable gem allowing Mac to shine at what he does best. Although, The Space Migration  Sessions version may reveal an intimately raw recording, WMWTSO holds an equally intoxicating take. The song captured many peoples attention as a love song. In his Billboard track by track interview he states that the song was written in imagery of a female to personify all his addictions.



“Youforia” demands your attention as a heartfelt love/drug induced staple in the album.


While dabbing into transcendental meditation and psychedelic instrumentation, the album is placed on the map not only when it comes to Hip Hop, but as an experimental as well. New subject matter is what this generation needs, as well as a talent that experiments more along the lines of the late Capital STEEZ.

We all anticipate the next move of Mac Miller, Larry Fisherman, Larry Lovestein, Delusional Thomas or whoever this talented young artist decides to bring us next.